Young women's feet videos.


This is a video of a young woman playing with her feet, that I downloaded from frozendonkey's youtube channel. The video was on youtube from February 18, 2009 to October 31, 2009 and for some reason youtube decided to remove it and I don't see why they keep raunchy feet videos and yet get rid of the best foot video I have ever seen.

I admit I have a foot fetish, but I am not ashamed of it either and I want teach the millions of people, that there is nothing weird or abnormal about a foot fetish.

Here is the video  and if you want to save it, you can right click and save as target. I saved it from youtube and reposted it on my website so nobody can take it off, since it is legal and not against the law. If you have anything to say good or bad about the video, I would like to know, so please write me at by going to my home page and e-mailing me . If you want to know more about me, click on the home icon below.

I have a mission for anyone who is attracted to young women's feet. I want someone to record a candid video of a young white woman 18-24 who is playing her shoes and socks and putting her finger in her shoes and rolling down her socks. Then I want you to post it on youtube.


 If you want to see more young women feet videos, you can go to youtube and search for young women's feet.


        Updated July 10, 2013.